"Conquering the Wall"

As a recent inhabitant of the wasteland known as Suburbia, suddenly finding yourself thrown into the chaos of New York City is traumatic to say the least. I need something to grasp to hold on: a face, a hand, the sad flickering light of the 24-hour pharmacy across the street, a few white walls to tame. Something to slowly conquer the city whose heart will never skip a bear just for you…

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven’t really been posting that much recently. I’ve been SUPER CRAZY busy. Anyway, I just though I’d let you all know that I’m now living in NEW YORK FREAKING CITY. (I can’t believe it either!) So if you’re wondering why all the content I’m going be posting is about New York, now you know. Considering it’s *such* an awesome place, the content won’t get boring either! I’m also going to do a MAJOR cosmetic overhaul of the blog AND open it up for submissions! (Yay!) So submit your stuff! Also, my ask box is ALWAYS open for suggestions, questions, knock knock jokes, and whatnot. Hope you all enjoy the new stuff!




Hey everyone! I should have mentioned this earlier, but until July 15th, I’m in Tuscany!!! :) All of my content will be Italian for a few more weeks. If you guys have any comments or suggestions, remember that my ask box is ALWAYS open. I will try to answer as promptly as I can, but I get limited wifi here, so please be patient with me. :)) Ciao! -Nik