Lost in Paris Photography

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Hey everyone! I should have mentioned this earlier, but until July 15th, I’m in Tuscany!!! :) All of my content will be Italian for a few more weeks. If you guys have any comments or suggestions, remember that my ask box is ALWAYS open. I will try to answer as promptly as I can, but I get limited wifi here, so please be patient with me. :)) Ciao! -Nik

straightandfastlabyrinth said: Hello, I was just wondering what camera would you recommend for a beginner?:)

Hi there! Personally, any kind of simple “point and shoot” camera (a digital camera most people take on vacation with a viewing screen) is good for a beginner. They offer simple manual settings to get you familiar with experimenting with things such as aperture and shutter speed, while not being as complicated as some dslrs. But bottom line, find something you’re comfortable using. Shooting won’t be any fun if you don’t know how to use your camera! Taking a beginners photography class can also be extremely helpful. It was for me! Happy shooting! :)